Monday, July 27, 2009

No Kid-ding!

After much thought and debate, I've decided to express my thoughts on something that has caught my attention lately.

Now, it might be sacrilegious to some, but I can no longer suppress how I feel.

About the most irritating habits of toddlers and their proud, gushing parents.

Now let’s not get judgmental here. I am patient, loving and sensitive to kids.

What I am not patient to are the new parents and how they’d take it for granted that their kids are equally special to all and sundry.

So here comes a post, that might put an end to my blogging career, reduce my already dismal list of followers and upset the sentiments of the beaming couples out there!

Yes. That is how strongly I feel about it.


#1 Well, surely your kid has just started to talk and nothing else could matter anymore, but would you please stop making those incessant phone calls so that he/she could ‘talk’ to me? Cos, I definitely don’t know how to respond to ‘badabing kaboom’!

7 times a day!

#2 All kids are allowed to throw a tantrum while eating. Your kid was born with that privilege too. And I am more than willing to help. But please, for once, stop scaring the little soul out of his/her wits by threats of a ‘kala baba’ who roams at night, picks up kids who don’t eat and lives in the store room of every household.

#3 Stop, just stop laughing at every thing your kid says. At least don’t expect me to follow suit.

#4 It’s not cute when they go around slapping people, spitting on anyone, banging things on people’s heads and breaking stuff…So wipe that grin off your dumb faces and STOP them!

All said, my niece is the cutest little person I’ve come across. And she’s just started to talk. Maybe you’d like a conversation. ;)