Monday, July 16, 2012

While the world was interning..

Almost a year since I wrote something. Something apart from happy texts, nasty texts, frustrating texts, smileys and their likes.
Almost a year since I actually visited my own blog. Pink and hideous. My first thoughts.
Thoughts like ‘What was I thinking when I wrote that’, ‘Whatta drama queen’, ‘Gimme a break’ followed.
And then, a simple realisation, I loved it nevertheless. Like old pics of days when I looked like a girl and dressed like a boy. :P

B Schooling has been such a roller coaster. Friends, committees, parties, hang outs, summers, and absolutely no studying. :D
NITIE so far has been a joy ride. Something I will surely reminisce about years after I've left. But till that time, I can’t help but muse over the most fascinating two months of my summer internship.

Nestle, India.

A group of 14. Blue eyed. Big brands to back them. A, B, C, L, FMS, TISS and the good old NITIE. J
Irrespective of how much one socialises over Facebook, meeting people, socialising, and making friends is a different ball game altogether. Especially if you are capable of being socially awkward. Especially if you are me. Thankfully, this time was to be an exception.

The first week of internship kept gave us an option to stay at the company guest house. And viola! What a place! J
We bonded while we waited for food, while we ordered the most expensive items from the menu, while we waited for the experience to start. After yawning through multiple presentations, a market visit and a plant visit later, where people enthusiastically, asked questions and clicked pictures, we finally met out ‘mentors’. We waited for the projects to start. For our chance of making earth shattering revelations. For our moments of glory.

Little did we know ;)

In what I believe was an HR plan, the interns were made to sit together. Maybe to network. Maybe to learn. Either ways, we had a time of our lives. 14 people, such different personalities, so much fun.

There was the hot shot guy every one kept asking about, the Rajnikanth fanatic, the ‘Gyaani’ with exceptional PPT skills, the guy who tried selling ‘Dahi’ to kids, the guy who got frustrated with South Delhi housewives (Purely professional reasons ;p ). The guy who holidayed, the guy who slogged, the guy who came in late, the guy who could tell if a match was fixed. The HR girl, the girl who talked about dope on day 1 and the girl who only made graphs on excel (yes, me).
We had them all.

The team, as a ritual would be first for the meals, the soups and the salads. Desserts would be eaten in bulk. With a ‘SPOC’ getting them for everyone. The after lunch hours were reserved for discussing questions on ‘Lateral thinking’ which we graduated to after irritating each other with PJs. The sessions that started as a stress buster (cos you know how very stressed all of us were :P), ended only when we realised that we had made the best of our internships, and it was now time to work :D

The trips to Convergys dhaba, the essential gulping of Nestea, the fretting over projects, the bitching about people, the trip that never happened.

It is said that a great bonds are capable of transforming the most difficult of situations into the best ones. I can say that for sure.

The two months have made their way in my book of exceptional memories.

Meanwhile, my blog remains pink and hideous, the blabbering, dramatic. But I hope to smile every time I read this post and reminisce about the days when the world interned.