Thursday, October 1, 2009

Retail therapy!

hello ladies(i assume only the women will take interest in this particular post)!!
i might sound all bouncy but the fact is..m far from that..
I need therapy!
I need help!
and i need Dollar to help me with that!

but even after dropping subtle hints first,in-your-face demands later,my situation remains more or less the same!

Dollar has vehemently refused to enter anything that offers any scope of...well you know it girlfriends...SHOPPING!!(shhh..!)

so this brings us to the weird syndrome of 'buy the first thing you see in a showroom'.
Dollar,sadly,is a victim!!

i know i know!
its horrific!!

but i need to ask,is it curable?(i doubt it!)

well,if u need to know,i'll quote u some examples..

Incident#1: me and dollar were just hangin out when he decided he wanted a new pair of shoes..
the mere thought of shopping lighted up my face..!! I wanted to take out a pen and paper..list down the showrooms we could go to..check out all the shoes in his price range(c'mon!) and then decide on one..

and then as soon as i was about to express all my excitement..he got curious,then frowned..then scowled!
MESSAGE: let me handle this!


So we enter into a Woodland's outlet and well,just as we had entered,i realised (much to my dismay)that we shall not return empty handed..
Dollar zeroed in on a pair and well..thats about it!
On my insistence did he give as much as a second glance to another pair..(m sure just to be polite)..
and before i knew it..we were out..down on cash..high on kind!


Incident#2: Then there was this time when I,finally,had to do some shopping...and put it mildly..i'd say i love to try things on..even when m short on cash..even the ones i know i'll never buy(a little indulgence never killed anybody!!)

i had full plans to do that!
afterall,this time i WOULD buy somethin..

But well,Dollar suddenly gets all cranky just after i try my 5th dress on!


way to go,dude..!!(quite literally)

Moral of the story: Avoid the men,shop alone!Better still..take the ladies along!
Like someone said..If men liked shopping,they'd call it research!!