Sunday, April 26, 2009

fare well! :)

On public demand (u guys might not say it but i know u want me to) :P, here comes a post on the much awaited and equally dreaded event that is high on sentiments, nostalgia, fun, frolic, glam sham and basically all the good things(or is it not?) - the college farewell party!

after much speculation, too much debating and innumerable rumours( most of which i had a big contribution towards:D), the FAREWELL finally happened, on 25th April, 2009..

but for those who still dnt know what the whole fuss is about, i'll give u a taste of what goes into makin a farewell successful..

it's not the venue, or the food, or the music..

it's the EMOTION! :D

needless to say, the farewell party or the thought of it evoked memories of the past four years of engineering. And I am proud enough to say that I have thoroughly despised every moment of my undergraduation.But the last days in college have changed some of that..I am sure everyone feels the same..

The idea of being on our own, outside the protective environment all of us are used to, fending for ourselves, out in the BIG BAD WORLD full of sharks in suits has definitely got to many..

But strangely, it's not the protection of parents or teachers one would miss, it's the carmaderie everyone knows noone would find outside. The biggest fear all of us have is that noone would find friends again, that everyone will be competition.

From now on,no more morning movie shows for 50 bucks at spice. No chicken rolls at csc at 2 in the morning. No studyin a night before the exams and still managing to get through. No studyin in groups where everyone teaches everyone else. No samosas at FFC. No hanging out at the flagpost. No hostel nights. No mess parties. No PDP sessions during the now non-existent ragging. No orientations, no club meetings, no fests and last but not the least, no more MASS BUNKS..(the importance and futility of it can only be understood by JSSites).

People from all parts of UP come to JSS, and love the life here. As they say, they get used to the 'NCR way of living'. And now they cannot 'adjust' anywhere else. They hate the idea of going back home. They want to grip the last of whatever is left. And they'll do anything to have it.
That somehow proves how everyone realises the importance of somethin till they lose it!

As for people like me, who are waitin to get out of college, to be at home for 5 months till Infosys beckons, things coudnt get any better :P

The whole drama comes out in the PARTY, where people hug, girls cry( and ruin their make up), and everyone wants to get a picture clicked with every soul they've been friends, acquaintaces or classmates with.

Titles like 'Mr.Rambo' , 'Ms. Masakalli' are given!(sigh!).

Girls start getiin ready a day before with atleast 3 visits to the beauty parlours. Of course much more work,effort and discussion has already gone into the selection of saris, visits to the boutique, buying of accessories and what not.
But i guess all the effort pays off (Right, guys?);)

The event is always smile generating. And yes, everyone is thinkin about the future and how things will shape up. But things have been fine till now. They'll only get better.:)

Here's one to the FUTURE!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

confessions of an insomniac..

I wish I never had to write this one,or be the one to write this..whatever!!

This is the most unlikely time for a blog entry..I have project reports to complete, presenatations to make, codes to decipher and ofcourse..SLEEP.
I sorely miss the last one. :(

Sleeping, apart from doing nothin, happens to be somethin i like doing the most.
No seriously,I have a reputation.
Little does the world imagine what goes behind the the four walls of my room :D

I roam in the small space around my bed listenin to the tackiest of bollywood songs(most of which I now know by heart), talk to myself, log in and out of internet messengers innumerable number of times hopin someone would 'find' me(i always stay invisible btw:P), think about the worst things in life, cry at times and basically make myself miserable..

But, inspite of everything, I love the fact that i can never sleep at night (not within humanly hours atleast). I'm contradicting myself but the truth is Night helps me become the person i like..emotional,sentimental and slightly deranged.It doesnt judge me the way others probably would. It lets me be.
It talks to me,doesnt laugh at the absurdity of my ideas.My dreams, the most ludicrous ones, are fulfilled. Every single time.

And like a true friend, it doesnt betray and doesnt get tired of my antics.

i love it and it loves me back!

Good Night!