Friday, February 27, 2009


It's funny how i expected to be mobbed by people,congratulated by friends and stalked by admirers on the successful (and much delayed) start of my blog. But,alas, somethings are'nt meant to be:x.
So i thought ,back then, that i'll create a smart,funny,introspective alter ego through this very effective medium.but now that noone has bothered to read the damned thing,leave alone commenting on it, i'd rather say what i want without worrying too much about sounding stupid:P

Last week,i read it in a newspaper,that how Mr.Advani was using the power of blogs for his election campaign.That filled me with a deep sense of satisfaction and respect(for myself and my initiative).
But then I read it further to know that Blogs were "so 2007!" and now "everyone was on twitter(??)".
So i am two years too late and now i'll have to discover that twitter thing..
But till then,i'll be here..writin for my personal space(i hope u see the bleak irony in this;)).


Sunday, February 15, 2009

The beginning..finally!!

Here it very first (successful) post:). After 2 blogs which I either cudnt find or cudnt login into,innumerable blog titles(i am yet to find those very like minded people..grrr) and many many afternoons I spent daydreaming, thinking of the ideal first post that would create a it finally is.
(sans the bang:D)

The idea of creating a blog struck me first when I followed some myself.Initially I thought that it was a realm of the gifted(thanks to my very proficient cousin) but ofcourse I soon did away with the misconception(thanks to the not so gifted people);).

But I'd still play it safe(right now) and do away with any alleged humour.

more later..