Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It doesn't matter..

After following and reading some blogs ardently,i've come to one conclusion...people write as and when they have to..whenever they want to..say things however they like..a writeup may or may not have a 'subject'. all that matters is a well written article..

so..i thought i'll push my luck..and write about nothing and everything..just about anything!

i think i've been taking life too seriously..thinking too much lately..puzzling myself unduly..

i realised,for the umpteenth time,in the last few weeks..how important friends are to me!
and how important I am to them!
trust me,feeling the latter makes life much much easier..
my two very close set of friends have turned out to be the biggest assets i have!
you can be a complete schmuck and still be honest about it..cos well..they would hear it all and still smile and still be with you!
it's amazing to see how the bond becomes stronger once you are no longer on ' daily meeting' terms with them!

something else now..
What is it with men and alcohol?Or smoke for that matter?
they never seem to have enough of it..
they dnt like being nagged about it!
they are practically ready to ruin everything else..just for the love of these completely despicable habits!
dnt get me wrong..
i am not a nun in anyway..but i think ppl who cannot do things in moderation are unhealthy..
and moderate is NOT a relative term!

another question..triggered by a recent blockbuster..
do long distance relationships work?
whenever i ask this question..i get the same answer..."they do if u want them to"
i think..they do..
any takers??

just one last thing..
what makes people stray in relationships?
the lack of love?
the lack of understanding?
lack of commitment?

or is it better understanding,more love,a stronger compatibilty that results in a new,stronger bond??
so strong that it makes a person come out of the comfort zone of an older,longer relationship?

like i said..i've been taking myself too seriously..

waitin for answers/comments/criticism...