Monday, December 13, 2010

Nothing's changed..

Yep..i'm still living the life I was living a year ago.
I am working at the same place, doing almost the same work and working towards the same things.
I've not learnt any new language(C++ is NOT a language)/dance form/musical instrument.
I've not saved enough.
I haven't seen many new places(including home).
And I'm still as uncertain about my future as I was a year ago.

Inspite of what may come across as a year that should be forgotten, I've had a time of my life. :)

Inspite the fact that I live in a P.G and share a room with two other girls, inspite the fact that the food majorly sucks, inspite the fact that i take a bus everyday to work and sit in front of a black and white screen testing systems that noone gives a rat's ass for, I love my life.

I love that i found a place to live on my second day in the city without a map.
I love that i invariably always run out of money no matter how much it is.
I love that weekends actually mean something to me.

And i love the fact that I've earned every bit of this life i'm living.



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